APIS is a different kind of contract research lab. Built on extensive expertise from within the biopesticides industry, we specialise in regulatory testing for microbial pesticides. From batch analysis and contaminant screening through to storage stability and terrestrial ecotoxicology, we’ve got the expertise you’re looking for. Our bioanalytics capability also enables us to conduct fully validated dose verification, infectivity and clearance assessments from toxicology studies. In addition, we are able to offer terrestrial ecotoxicology services for the full spectrum of plant protection products.

Our micro-organism containment facility was built to our own specifications, and provides a sterile working environment with provision for full decontamination. It not only isolates our staff from the pathogenic reference cultures used in routine product screening but also reduces the risk of test item cross-contamination.

Our clients range from small start-up companies through to the largest multinationals, all of whom appreciate our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements for biopesticides, the breadth of our practical experience and our personal approach.