APIS was built by biopesticide specialists to cater specifically for the biopesticide industry. Our clients range from small start-ups through to the largest multinationals, all of whom appreciate our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements for biopesticides, the breadth of our practical experience, our flexibility and our personal approach.

Our regulatory team is second to none, having been responsible for the majority of biopesticide submissions made in Europe. From data gap analysis and the development of a sound regulatory strategy through to dossier production and post-approval support we ensure your project starts – and stays – on the right track. Through an extensive network of global regulatory partners we are also able to handle submissions in many non-EU territories.

Our GLP laboratory provides guideline (OECD, OCSPP, IOBC/WPRS) and bespoke terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicology studies for bacterial, fungal and viral biopesticides, as well as for plant extracts and other bio-protection agents. We also conduct batch analysis, microbial and chemical contaminant screening, phys-chem tests, storage stability studies, routine Quality Control screening, environmental fate and non-target plant studies on behalf of our global client base.

This combination of regulatory and practical expertise with biopesticides is unrivalled, and is part of what makes APIS unique.