Sample analysis

The starting point for many work packages is a five-batch analysis and microbial contaminant screen. Pathogen screening is conducted on selective media, cross-plating positive colonies before definitive identification by MALDI-TOF (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry). All our methods are fully validated.

Available for microbial pesticides.

Storage stability

We offer the full range of formulation-specific phys-chem tests either individually or as part of accelerated, low temperature and long-term ambient storage stability studies.

Available for microbial pesticides.

Microbial bioanalytics for aquatic and mammalian toxicology studies

APIS conducts analytical dose verification and test item recovery from aquatic ecotoxicology and mammalian toxicology studies to demonstrate the infectivity and clearance of microbial test items. We are experienced at isolating test items from a wide range of challenging matrices, and our internal QA procedures ensure full GLP compliance in multi-site studies.

Available for microbial pesticides.

Terrestrial ecotoxicology

Our terrestrial ecotoxicology expertise covers acute and chronic studies on honeybees and bumble bees, together with the full range of non-target arthropods and earthworms. Dose verification is conducted routinely for all studies, and pathogenicity assessments can be made where appropriate.

Available for microbial and chemical pesticides.